01 MARS 2017

Withdrawing cash without a card: it’s so easy!

As of February 2017, it is possible to withdraw cash at the innovative Cardless ATMs of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) without inserting any payment card. The customer only needs to enroll to the new Digital Banking service of MPS, which assigns each client its own “digital identity” to execute operations on a variety of physical and digital channels managed by the Banking Group.

Among the physical ones, the ATM channel runs TAS Group’s software product, EasyClient, to authenticate the customer based on the credentials entered and confirmed through a one-time password (OTP), which is sent via SMS to the customer’s mobile or generated by a token key assigned to the customer.  The preferred delivery of the OTP is chosen by the client during their enrolment phase to the Digital Banking service.

MPS Digital Banking’s first service launched on the cardless ATM is basic cash withdrawal. Once authenticated in the new cardless mode, the customer can withdraw money following standard ATM procedures, including the potential to be asked for an additional password to confirm amounts over a certain threshold or allow multiple withdrawals in the same day, as per the customer’s specifications during their enrolment.

Before the end of March 2017, customers accessing a cardless ATMs using Digital Banking credentials will be able to perform all self-service operations related to their bank accounts, such as deposit of cash and cheques, queries on statements, check balances, securities accounts, make tax and bill payments, transfer funds, etc.

Among the early adopters to embrace branch transformation challenges in the Italian banking industry, MPS has enjoyed great success with the 2015 launch of the first innovative branch on Piazza Tolomei in Siena, made possible by technological collaboration of TAS Group, a solutions provider to MPS in ATM channel management for over 30 years.

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