09 NOVEMBRE 2017

What's new in the Oracle - TAS Group partnership ?

Leveraging the experience at Oracle Open World in San Francisco, TAS Group has contributed to the Italian edition of Oracle’s Cloud Show roadmap, intended to unveil how the Oracle Cloud can help accelerate and streamline digital transformation, allowing customers to make the most of tomorrow’s technology, today.

TAS Group was among the Digital Transformation Heroes @ ORACLE CLOUD SHOW in Milan, November 9, hosted at the Oracle Fintech Corner to showcase the latest API developments in payments.

As part of the strategic partnership announced in Q3 around Oracle’s Digital Innovation Platform, TAS Group has been publishing in the past weeks its Card 3.0 APIs, part of the broader Cashless 3.0® suite, on Oracle’s Open Bank Innovation Stack.

A further step was achieved by participating with Oracle in the 3 days Open Banking Hackathon  organized in the US by the North Carolina Fintech Hub. The Hackathon initiative, sponsored by relevant Banks such as Bank of America, BB&T and Ally, allowed students and banks' developers to jointly work on filling the gap between customers’ expectations and challenges that the payment business poses on the banking industry.
Cashless 3.0® APIs were tested to rapidly create compelling card based customer experiences with a high degree of personalization and security.

Want to know more about Oracle’s partnership with TAS Group? Don’t miss the interview by Fintech Finance during Sibos with Rik De Deyn, Senior Director Banking Innovation of Oracle, where he explains the role of TAS Group, leading software vendor in the Instant Payments space, within the scope of Oracle’s Digital Innovation Platform.

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