05 MAI 2017

TIPS intended to facilitate the pan-European reachability of the SCT Inst scheme

In a recently published explanatory note, ECB argues: “without TIPS pan-European reachability for PSPs adhering to the SCT Inst scheme is very unlikely to materialise”.

TIPS - Target2 Instant Payments Settlement is increasingly attracting attention, witnessed by over 1100 comments officially filed by participants to the market consultation conducted by the Central Institution at the beginning of the year.

Also TAS Group has contributed filing comments to the TIPS User Requirement Document (URD) received in January.

Our Group is committed to play a key role in the Instant Payments, being the Technology Partner chosen by SIA and by ICBPI to deliver the access gateway to the central IP schemes operated by the 2 ACHs.

Moreover, TAS Group is also market leader in the Liquidity Management software through the Aquarius platform, widely adopted by Italian Banks and by important European market players to best manage the migration to T2S and the upcoming consolidation of T2S and T2 in one unique system.  

ECB plans to publish the full list of comments, questions and clarifications of the TIPS market consultation by end of April, while by June the final planning of the TIPS initiative will be disclosed.