The TAS solution for 3D Secure authentication certified by Mastercard

T3Di (TAS 3D Issuing), the eACS solution implementing 3-D Secure authentication protocol and the related programs, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, aimed to improve e-commerce transactions and reduce frauds, has successfully completed all tests and has been certified by Mastercard.

Now it is one of the first providers in Italy being certified by both networks, Mastercard and VISA.

The solution, allowing Issuers to verify cardholder identity during an online purchase, provides them with full capabilities to:

  • operate cardholder enrollment
  • determine whether a given card (PAN) is enrolled in the Issuer’s SecureCode/VbV program
  • perform cardholder authentication
  • calculate CAVV/AAV and send authentication message to the merchant.

The solution is completed by parameter-based administration and reporting functionalities.

It can be easily integrated with any Card Processing Software and is compliant with PCI standard.