13 JUIN 2013

The new features of TAS Network Gateway presented at SPIN 2013

The TAS team has just left Naples, where they spent two intense days together with the Italian community of payments, on the occasion of SPIN 2013.

Two days, one topic: TAS Network Gateway, the platform managing in an efficient and flexible way the complexity of connection services with financial networks.

A successful product, already chosen by many international financial institutions, a solution designed to radically redefine the means of access to networks and services. Network Gateway provides an innovative approach that allows to centralize in a single application all the network protocols, reducing costs; it also favors the growing strategic relationship between Bank and Business, projecting the customers towards new scenarios full of opportunities in many application areas: from the management of SEDA mandates to the new frontiers of corporate banking and e-commerce.

These are the topics that we shared with the audience of SPIN, through the words of our experts Odisseo Di Michele, Roberto Carlucci and Stefano Macchi who described how to turn complexity into value, simplify processes and putt the bank at the center of the networks.

"Winning the challenge of competitiveness through innovation: it is the ambition that lies at the basis of our development strategies and inspires solutions such as Network Gateway, a helpful resource to make it easier, enjoyable and convenient the connection to the networks," said Roberto Carlucci, Head of e-Pay Innovation at TAS.

"SPIN offered us an excellent opportunity to share with an high-level audience our successful experiences in Europe and Latin America, but also to capture the needs and requests emerging from this community, in continuous evolution”.