20 NOVEMBRE 2015

Thank you for being with us at CARTES 2015!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Innovation TV workshop or stopped by the TAS Group booth this week at CARTES 2015 in Paris. We hope you enjoyed your visit and our hospitality. CARTES 2015 is over but we looking forward to building even stronger customer and partner relationships with you in 2016.

The exhibit was a great success for TAS Group, giving us an opportunity to present the hottest cashless 3.0™ technologies for Branch Innovation, Omnichannel POS, HCE and Smart Cities.
We were pleased to see many familiar faces and meet with so many new companies and people interested in our interactive demos including mobile payments solutions and “ATM: the future of banking” – TAS Group’s newest additions to the cashless 3.0™, the revolutionary platform encompassing the latest innovations in the payments sector and covering all Card Payments Lifecycle business processes.

If you missed the Innovation TV discussion on mWallets and improving security through tokenization with Olivier Sery, Director of Partnerships and General Manager of TAS Iberia, you can still discover the mobile payments (r)evolution.
Watch the video: "Are HCE Mobile Wallets just mere tokens of your Issuer’s appreciation?"

Want to know more, continue the discussion or learn how you can shape your payments experience with cashless 3.0?
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