03 JUIN 2013

TAS sponsors the Mobile Payments & Commerce Observatory promoted by Politecnico di Milano

The future of payments? It’s more and more mobile-oriented.
This is demonstrated by the figures and trends of a strongly growing market, regularly analyzed by the study conducted by the MIP on the Mobile Payments, which TAS has chosen to sponsor.

The Observatory, which reveals even in the title the intention to expand its investigation, focusing also on a strategic sector like the Mobile Commerce, aims to update the annual statistics and spread understanding of the mobile payments phenomenon, focusing on services, but with a significant new feature: giving more room to the demand, rather than the supply, already detailed in the past editions.

Today, as the technology is no longer a problem, the focus moves to the customer and drivers that can take him to prefer this new payment experience on the others: the same principle guides the development strategy of the TAS mobile payment offering.

"Participating in the activities of the Observatory as a sponsor will be very interesting  - says Roberto Pierantoni, TAS Group Mobile Business Expert – by joining the research project, we will have the opportunity to share our vision and solutions on a particularly important subject, which is crucial for the investment and development plans of our company".

Currently TAS offers a mobile wallet that can be articulated in various user experiences, including NFC, interaction in natural language and SMSs, that can be used in mobile ticketing and P2P: high emphasis is placed on the QR Code, that represents to TAS the most immediate solution to the demand for payment mobility.