03 NOVEMBRE 2017

TAS Group with Oracle at Open Banking API Hackathon in the USA

As part of its strategic partnership with Oracle on the Digital Innovation Platform, TAS Group is participating in Oracle's three day OPEN Banking API starting today at the North Carolina Fintech Hub together with the sponsor banks Bank of America, BB&T and Ally.  

The CFH Hackathon will be a time-boxed, team-oriented event that allows developers and designers to engage with cutting edge technology to bridge the gap between business problems and the innovative solutions that drive disruption in the Financial Services industry.

TAS Group has published its Card 3.0 APIs, part of the broader Cashless 3.0® suite, on Oracle’s Open Bank Innovation Stack contributing to the API marketplace that the students and banks' developers will use during the Hackathon to build next generation card applications. Cashless 3.0® APIs are used to rapidly create compelling card based customer experiences with a high degree of personalization and security.

Another step forward  towards the collaborative API economy in the Financial Services industry.


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