01 MARS 2017

TAS Group wins Infocamere RFP

Infocamere chose TAS solutions to provide the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce with payment instruments integrated into Nodo dei Pagamenti SPC - pagoPA. TAS software will give Infocamere, technological intermediary for the Chambers’ network, working access on the Nodo dei Pagamenti SPC. This will facilitate and accelerate payments to public administrations from citizens, professionals and companies.

Infocamere is among several public entities, such as Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria regional municipalities, A.I.F.A and other governmental associations, that have chosen TAS Group as their partner to activate pagoPA interconnections mandated by the Digital Agenda for all local and central administrations before end of this year. In addition to the Italian Chambers of Commerce, many government run agencies have already applied to connect to the scheme in all regions countrywide including autonomous provinces, 11 ministries and more than 8,500 schools.

pagoPA volumes are growing heavily, as demonstrated by almost half a million of payments were processed through the scheme in January alone out of a total of 1.2 million transactions processed since instituting circuit.

Despite this encouraging result, there is still plenty of work to be done to onboard another 15,000 public authorities into the system, bringing final volume estimates of 150 million pagoPA operations per year.

TAS Group is proud to contribute to the achievement of the Digital Agenda milestones, which Italy’s government considers to be factors of innovation, security, transparency, and cost effectiveness for the entire national economy.