02 DéCEMBRE 2016

TAS Group registered as Visa Europe Merchant Agent

After having successfully certified its Data Centre against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), TAS Group has now completed the VISA Merchant Agent Registration process, adding an extra feature to its services’ delivery.

Details of TAS Group’s registration appear on the Visa Europe Merchant Agent web listing, which can be found at: Requirements to be listed are to have successfully completed a VISA Merchant Agent Registration and Designation form after having achieved PCI DSS compliance for the services indicated.

As per international payment networks’ security requirements, it is the Merchant’s responsibility to use a PCI DSS compliant Merchant Agent.

TAS Group Data Centre at Sophia Antipolis is a certified Tier III Datacenter, part of a network with five points of presence in France and Italy, which offers various services ranging from co-location to cloud computing and managed hosting.

PCI DSS is a global security standard administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, aimed at organizations that handle branded debit, credit and prepaid cards. It has a strong impact on all processes related to the payment cards' life cycle and demands proper and constant evidence of security awareness and accomplishment.