20 JANVIER 2016

TAS Group Opens a New Subsidiary in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany (20 January 2016) – TAS Group (TAS, Borsa Italiana) –  a leading provider of financial solutions – announces the establishment of their 6th foreign subsidiary TAS Germany GmbH, advancing their global growth by providing a regional base to serve the German, Austrian and Eastern European market.

Plans to expand operations into Germany were initiated by the increase in market share of Aquarius, TAS Group’s new platform for integrated management of Securities, Cash and Collateral, which was developed in response to the European Central Bank’s Target2-Securities (T2S) infrastructure initiative and the new Intraday Liquidity requirements in the Basel III regulations. Already live in Italy and implementing now in T2S Wave II countries, TAS Aquarius continues to increase its appeal and attract attention with both direct and indirect participants. TAS Group’s new subsidiary located in Frankfurt, the heart of SEPA, will support expansion not only in the Capital Markets sector but also in other business areas where TAS fintech capabilities already excel in the internal market.