02 MAI 2018

TAS Group launches Extended Enterprise (2E) Solutions: towards an Enterprise without borders

Social business collaboration, process digitalisation, data sharing with maximum safety: these are some of the main evolutionary trends in Corporate Management and represent key principles on which the new Corporate offer of TAS Group is based. We all live in the knowledge economy, where firms increasingly combine their efforts through market mechanisms, or cooperatively through agreements and contracts, to better compete. These firms increasingly widen their boundaries, making it transparent where internal processes end and where those of external counterparties - suppliers, customers, partners...-  begin.

The definition of "extended ERP" is therefore exceeded, a concept originally defined as an “IT system” open to be integrated into each corporate counterparty’s business model. It’s time to speak more properly of an "extended enterprise", one that exchanges real-time information in the secure and shared environment of the cloud.

To reflect this transformation, TAS Group’s Business Unit specialized in the provisioning of enterprise management systems has chosen to change its name to TAS Extended Enterprise Solutions, in short 2ESolutions.

"Our range of offering for the Extended Enterprise is at the forefront of both architectural design and technology, based on Oracle Cloud Applications”, explains Giuseppe Franzini, SVP Head of 2ESolutions of TAS Group. “Thanks to innovative Social Business Collaboration tools, our systems are accessible anywhere and from any device. We provide a new customer experience that makes them intuitive and pleasant to use. All the interested parties easily dialogue through the cloud with the company ecosystem, from the employee who needs to upload the expense report, to the supplier who wishes to propose a service offer, to the management functions that monitor and control the processes. We are able to offer companies customized solutions but with a common thread: efficiency, process streamlining, transparency, communication. In addition, our proposal integrates the enterprise offering with the core expertise of TAS Group in the banking world, expanding the offer coverage to payment processes and customer engagement on physical and virtual channels. For all the above reasons we decided to rebrand our Business Division. The new name reflects the overtaking of traditional IT management concepts, and at the same the digit “2” symbolizes the doubled potential acquired by the enterprise, when it redesigns its processes adopting the broader perspective of a “collaboration without borders”.