Pay for your parking with a click. TAS Group, FlagPay and PayTipper launch SostaSmart

SostaSmart is the new online service developed by TAS Group, in collaboration with FlagPay and PayTipper, for parking payments in Rome.
It allows you to pay for parking with a simple click on the SostaSmart app without worrying about fishing for coins to feed the meter or finding a retailer to purchase a voucher.

SostaSmart is a free, safe, quick and intuitive service. To activate SostaSmart simply register on the portal at or directly through the mobile app available in the Apple Store and Android Play Store, on, and buy a SostaSmart credit package.
Once activated in the SostaSmart app, you simply need to enter parking start time, end time and zone. Geolocation functions allow you to detect accurately your current zone and its hourly rate. SostaSmart use is available for all 19 parking zones in Rome plus the underground lots throughout the city.

SostaSmart allows for instant payment with no additional costs and only charges you for actual minutes parked, saving time and money. If you want to extend or end in advance the parking time, you can do it at any time with a simple touch on the phone with no risk of parking fines. In fact, the system updates in real time allowing city police to verify electronically the validity of the parking.

The web portal provides maximum security for payment transactions and privacy.
SostaSmart parking packages are available in €12.00, €35.00, €50.00 and €70.00 credits and can be purchased via debit card, credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, V PAY) and prepaid cards belonging to these circuits.

"With this new service, TAS Group becomes a key operator for solutions dedicated to the development of Smart Cities,” said Alfonso Nobilio, COO of TAS Group. “Today citizens demand solutions and services that simplify their daily lives. Too often technology offers excessive complexity compared to the concrete expectations in terms of user experience. For this reason, with SostaSmart we focused on ease of use and aspects essential for users such as a free-of-charge service, accuracy of geolocation features and payment security."

FlagPay Srl, a technology subsidiary of PayTipper specialized in the provision of electronic payment services, provides the technology platform for online access and the Virtual POS for payment execution.

PayTipper SpA is the payment institution chosen by TAS Group for the management of acquiring services and cash flows collected through the SostaSmart online portal.

“We chose to partner with PayTipper and FlagPay because our complementary expertise has already resulted in other successful projects,” says Roberto Carlucci, Director of Cashless Solutions Business Unit at TAS Group. “SostaSmart, currently available for parking in Rome, is a new chapter of this collaboration and we plan to extend soon in other cities.”
CEO of FlagPay Filippo Scibilia noted, “Our collaboration with TAS has proven to be very effective in the realization of the integrated system across web, smartphone app and payment management server. One of our goals is the expansion of delivery channels to enable users to have different forms of accesses to the service and to purchase SostaSmart packages in a safe, fast and easy way.”

Angelo Grampa, CEO of PayTipper, added, “We are pleased to be partnering with TAS as the SostaSmart project allows us to provide other services, such as easier access to our portal PagaComodo, to pay all kinds of bills online. We also plan to allow the payment of many other obligations within the next year.”

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