31 JUILLET 2015

TAS Group chosen by Lazio Region to implement the payments infrastructure together with Telecom

The strong performance of PayTAS in the Tuscany Region has led the way for the success of TAS and Telecom in the tender of LAit - Lazio Region for their "e-Monetization platform." The adoption across regions is namely part of the strong commitment from AgID (Agency for Italy Digital) for the “re-use” of successful solutions to be embraced by local administration entities instead of having each investing in heterogeneous and non-interoperable platforms.

Lazio, Italy’s second largest region in terms of population with over 5.8 million residents, will implement the “IRIS” infrastructure based on TAS Group’s PayTAS solution, already live in Tuscany for the past 18 months, through which citizens and local businesses consult records and pay on-line taxes and public service utilities on a daily basis.

The implementation planned for Lazio will integrate tightly with the current Regional Information System and will offer payment functions through the AgID national payment infrastructure. In particular, Lazio will initiate payment of health services provided by the Regional Health System as a first priority, and later extend online payments for the collection of other taxes and services, such as auto tax and the purchase of travel tickets.

The integration with the AgID payment infrastructure makes possible all collection and payment services under the “PagoPA” scheme, which banks and PSPs are increasingly making available.

This important assignment for the Lazio Region confirms the expertise of TAS Group in Local Public Administration sectors, also corroborated by TAS Group’s years of experience in e-Identity Management services related to the National Services Card adopted on a regional basis.

This is not TAS Group’s first award related to Public Administration. In 2011 the company was selected as a winner of the "Italia degli Innovatori" (Italy of Innovators) initiative by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, positioning PayTAS among the best European infrastructures in the eGovernment field.

Being adopted by Tuscany and Lazio Regions means that the TAS solution will handle the digital payments submitted to Public Administrations for more than 15% of the entire Italian population.

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