06 MAI 2014


May 13th - 15th, 2014, The Mirage, Las Vegas

cartesTAS Group will be in Las Vegas to showcase Card 3.0, a state of the art card management platform that enables program managers, processors and card issuers to design and manage card payments programs more securely and quicker than ever.

Card 3.0 will be shown on the show floor at this year's Cartes America Tradeshow at the Mirage, Las Vegas, May 13 - 15, 2014.  TAS will demonstrate how a smart and flexible architecture for the issuance and management of payment cards, coupled with simplicity of use and design can result in reduced costs and increase time-to-market leading to greater card program profitability for program managers, processors and issuers.

This is the vision that inspired the revolutionary Card 3.0 -  a self contained out of the box advanced solution for the life cycle management of any digital payment product. Card 3.0 offers unique capabilities for pre-paid customers who want to instantly issue cards in the branch.  

Card 3.0 is just the beginning, TAS Group is preparing to go further:  Acquiring, terminal management, switching commerce, mobile remote, and much much more.