27 MAI 2016

TAS Group bets on the Branch Transformation

Evolution towards increasing bank digitalization, the rapid and radical changes of customer needs, and the increasing competition from new entrants in payment services and loans are pushing the banking sector to rethink the role of their traditional branches.

Frequency of announcements by large banking groups on reducing the number of their branches is increasing, while at the same time their remaining branches must evolve to play a decisive role in the customer retention and development strategy; Banks approach both actions under a common denominator: technology investments.

In the coming years, banks will engage in key projects for transforming their branches. The ATM as we now know it will become a fully integrated framework in the banking by providing a wider variety of services. Still offering the most basic of services like cash in/cash out, cash recycling and fast deposit, ATMs will be more sophisticated directing not only self-service but hybrid services supported by remote customer service representatives able to safeguard the added value of personal contact while allowing the centralization and cost optimization of assistance delivery. Most devices located in the innovative branch will be hybrids complete with multi-vendor software layers, which are easily interfaced and evolved. 

To this challenging scenario, TAS Group brings new investments added to their existing 30+ years of technical and professional leadership in the ATM channel management market, creating a new division fully dedicated to Branch Transformation. This division will launch a new branded offering comprised of components with proven success in the first pilot projects rolled-out during the past months. The ATM offering is complemented by new innovative solutions being released in collaboration with International third parties.

Danilo Rivalta will lead the new division in the role of Executive Vice President. He joins TAS Group with over 30 years of experience in the IT sector, including having held prestigious roles in the Multi-channel Payment Industry since 2003.

Watch for more announcements in June when we officially launch the new brand. Discover the huge potential to transform your channel innovation projects with our technology for ATM management.

Join us at ATMIA Europe, 14 – 15 June, and learn more about the latest innovations in Branch Transformation. Hope to see you in London!