26 FéVRIER 2018

Driving the Cloud wave: TAS France presents a second data center in Sophia Antipolis

On February 1, TAS Group officially inaugurated its second data center located in the technopole of Sophia Antipolis.

With a rich hosting and housing offering targeting companies of different industries, TAS Group has been active for more than twenty years through its subsidiary TAS France, with a 200 m2  wide data center based in the World Trade Center of Sophia Antipolis technopole. To handle the sharp growth in outsourcing trends, also guided by the maturity of cloud technologies, the TAS Group invested last year around 5 million euros for a second data center which significantly improves  the capacity of providing customers  with powerful and  new generation IT infrastructures. With the new 850 m2  wide establishment, located in Traverse du Bruc, TAS Group doubles the surface dedicated to hosting and cloud services, multiplying by 4 the hosted number of racks (225) and physical servers (10.000). Remarkably, PCI-DSS and ISO 9001-2015 certifications enable financial sector customers to deliver mission critical applications through the outsourced infrastructure.

Francesco De Simoni, Country Manager of TAS France, suggests not to just  look at numbers. “What matters is the quality of the service that can be provided to customers”, he explains. Thanks to the redundancy of the overall equipment, the new datacenter is tagged as “Tier 4”, the highest level according to the U.S. certification authority Uptime Institute.

Customers? In addition to traditional TAS Group’s customers, Italian and International ones, the Datacenter hosts many companies in the area of the French technopole, as explains Lionel Faure, Marketing Manager of TAS France. More generally, the Datacenter works mainly with medium-sized companies in the South-East of France and with many customers involved in digital transformation and interested in the cloud. The new Sophia Antipolis Datacenter is particularly addressed to them.