05 MARS 2018

TAS experts share insights on Correspondent Banking Innovation: Wednesday 21 March 2018

Join TAS experts in liquidity optimization Alessandra Riccardi and Emanuele Musacchia, Business Experts- Capital Markets & Treasury, Wednesday 21 March at 15:30 for an exclusive webinar, hosted by Bobsguide and GTNews, entirely dedicated to Correspondent Banking innovations.

The evolution of Correspondent Banking has just started and is destined to accelerate more and more, affected primarily by pressure from regulation, new payment providers, shrinking margins and changes in customer expectations.

The traditional model of Correspondent Banking, based on strategic agreements spread globally, started to decline beginning of 2011 as a consequence of the financial crisis and ‘’de-risking’’ measures adopted by the majority of banks. Indeed, financial institutions reduced the number of their correspondent partners by focusing in selected geographies where to operate, mostly to avoid reputational concerns and/or direct competitors, often too aggressive.


In the article “The re-shaping of Correspondent Banking: impacts on Banking Treasury”, published on Bobsguide, Alessandra Riccardi analyzes the experiences and lessons learned from the projects developed with banks.

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In this race where banks and fintechs join forces, entering in coopetition mode to create a new banking model, what is the flip side under a bank’s liquidity management perspective?


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 “Correspondent Banking Innovation: The improved offer delivered by banks and fintechs”


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