25 MARS 2013

TAS expands footprint in USA EMV arena

European EMV migration and e- & m- payments leader TAS Group announced today that it has expanded its footprint in the USA to help speed efforts to migrate the U.S. banking and payment industry to the new EMV chip based payment standard.  

Since 2002, TAS Group has successfully led similar EMV migration efforts throughout the EU and Middle East. 

For example, today, more than 60 million cards are managed worldwide by TAS payment solutions.

“We have implemented a broad range of EMV migration programs throughout the world,” said Valentino Bravi, Chief Executive Officer, TAS Group.  “The U.S EMV migration in scope and magnitude alone dwarfs all other EMV country migrations combined – it’s a technically complex and challenging migration process that will require a proven leader – one that U.S. issuers and acquirers can trust.  With more than 30 years of service, including the last 14 years conducting EMV migrations, we are ideally positioned to help support a secure and speedy U.S. EMV transition.”

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