23 MAI 2014

TAS @ CIAB Latinamerica

From June 4 to 6, TAS will participate in CIAB, the largest event dedicated to the financial industry and IT sector in Latin America.

CIAB has been promoting banking and technology innovation for two decades in a synergistic dialogue involving the major players from both sectors. For TAS this is a prestigious showcase: alongside us will be a first class player, such as New Space, which with over 25 years of experience is positioned as one of the main Brazilian IT companies.

New Space and TAS have launched a process of collaboration that will officially debut at CIAB. Under the spotlight of the event, innovative value-added products and services for the management of credit, cashless payments, frauds and payment networks will be showcased.

With this new relationship and product offering, TAS is ready to expand its presence in a market that is acquiring an ever more significant role in the strategic plans of the group.