25 MARS 2013

TAS Announces New “eMission” Solution for US EMV Chip Cards

TAS presents eMissionTM – a fast and secure new EMV data preparation and card personalization solution designed to speed the transition to EMV chip based credit, debit and prepaid cards in the USA. 

As U.S. card issuers ramp up to start the issuance of EMV chip based credit and debit cards, there is a need for specialized software that can collect different data streams and prepare a final data file for personalization of the new EMV cards.

The eMissionTM platform allows customers definition and adaptation of profiles providing full life cycle management of security keys and certificates  in order to personalize EMV chip cards supporting diverse applications (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and their contactless versions Paywave, Paypass, ExpressPay, Discover will be supported as well in Q2). The main application provided on the smartcard is the debit/pre-paid/credit payment application in compliance with EMV standards. Additional applications are supported like CAP (Chip Authentication Program), DPA (Dynamic Passcode Authentication), Digital Signature, Presence & Access Control, Loyalty Application, etc.


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