10 AVRIL 2014

Support for Windows XP has now ended. ATM at risk?

The news has spread and challenged the industry all over the world. About 90% of ATMs on the market use XP, the operating system that Microsoft has recently decided to shelve, announcing that from April 8, support services for this platform will no longer be provided.

What should banks do now to ensure a secure future for their ATMs? Migration to new operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8 seems to be the ideal solution but introduces issues with stability and evolution of these platforms.

TAS meets this challenge with its ATM multi-vendor solution, a web-based platform providing self-service applications to traditional and next-generation ATMs. The solution, developed in multi-platform mode and totally independent of ATM hardware and software, allows banks to securely manage all migrations from Windows XP to more recent operating systems.

The Solution  

TAS ATM multi-vendor manages both  traditional and innovative ATM channels (e.g. web). It is approved by domestic and international schemes;  EMVCo , VISA and MasterCard, for transactions with smart cards. Its total independence from hardware enables banks  to manage hardware and software purchases separately, including the basic software provision, which is usually supplied by the same vendor. Implementation of new services is quick and easy, and migrating to new technologies is simplified. The new EMV Kernel L2 permits chip card payments and manages the encrypted PIN offline validation. Cost and time- to-market are therefore minimised. A reduction in the number of partners involved in the ATM channel evolution also reduces maintenance and Application Management costs. With advanced visual tools and a monitoring agent, it is possible to identify any ATM problem in real time, reducing response times and out of order issues.