01 MARS 2017

Still unclear on Instant Payments?

The roadmap of the EBA Instant Payments project is well on track, with 39 Sponsor Banks plus other 59 PSPs having shown interest in being among early joiner of the SCT Inst scheme.

Instant Payments is top priority for the Eurosystem, which is strongly committed to avoid market fragmentation, as was the case with SCT and multiple CSMs in the SEPA project. Work is still in progress on the design of what should change in Target2 to support 24x7x365 settlement of retail payments, soon to become “instant.”

As the technical support partner of SIA, chosen by EBA Clearing to develop the central infrastructure for real-time payments, TAS Group is among the Frontrunners. We value being part of the EBA SCT Inst initiative, designed to radically change the entire Retail Payments ecosystem in Europe.

With less than 9 months to the go live of SCT Inst, you can’t wait longer to assess your readiness!   


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Instant Payments

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Instant Payments