20 JUIN 2017

Shake up in the Payments Race to Money 20/20!

Contactless payments racer Chris Lloyd forced to drop out!

Ali Paterson, host/producer of Fintech Finance, is picking up the baton as TAS Group’s contactless racer to Copenhagen. Ali is already planning his journey using nothing but contactless payment forms like “tap and go” cards, wearables and mobile devices.

Follow his pre-race preparations here in our Media Room and on Twitter.


Payments Race Rules:

On the Friday before the event, Chris and his fellow racers will leave Trafalgar Square in London to head to the Money 20/20 mainstage in the Bella Center Copenhagen… but there’s a catch. 

Each racer is only allowed to use one form of payment method!

Payment options include chip & pin, mag strip, Bitcoin, mobile payments, pennies (!) only, gold bullion, cheques and of course, Contactless!

Each person will be armed with a “Vlog Camera” to document the entire “race” leading up to Money 20/20 Europe and a limited budget in their chosen payment method.

At 4:30 on Monday, 26 June, the race contestants who make it to Copenhagen will join Fintech Finance on the Money 20/20 Mainstage to talk about the benefits and limitations they endured using only one type of payment. Contestants unable to make it to the Bella Centre will share their experiences by video link.


Can contactless payments carry Ali across the finish line? 

Join us in supporting the our new racer, Ali Paterson on his contactless journey to Money 20/20.


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 Twitter: @AliPaterson



 Instagram: alipatz

TAS Group is proud to be a sponsor of the first ever Payments Race to Money 20/20.