27 JANVIER 2014

Tuscany Region: live and fully operational the new online payment portal

The Tuscany Region has officially announced that their online portal IRIS which makes the payment of regional taxes much easier and convenient, is now fully operational.

The system, developed in collaboration with TAS,  is based on PayTAS,  the innovative solution which provides a real-time view of the taxes and fines due from citizens and businesses, and enables multi-channel payment of multiple fees. 

The platform supports both free and authenticated access, and allows citizens to pay in a "basket" mode, collecting different taxes in a single payment, with significant savings on fees charged.

The service is available through several channels: Web, ATMs, points of contact contracted by the Region, and soon it will include also post offices, supermarkets and other networks, as well as ensuring the interface to mobile applications .

There are many payment instruments already available, bothconsumer and business: credit cards / debit cards,  bank transfers,direct debit ,   internet banking etc.

The platform will soon support MyBank transactions too.