29 JUIN 2017

Recapping the Payments Race to Money 20/20

TAS Group was a sponsor of the first ever Payments Race to Money 20/20 Europe this year! A last minute switch to the lineup resulted in Ali Paterson, host and producer of Fintech Finance, donning the contactless mantle – or in this case, a wearable payments ring. Ali faced a few unforeseen hurdles getting out of England but, nonetheless managed a 2nd place win! We couldn’t be prouder of him.

See all the racers and their payment types featured in Fintech Finance Magazine.

Congratulations to all the racers for their effort and determination to get to Copenhagen using only one payment method. Some had more trouble than others, like the “swipe and sign” racer who found a card with this low security tech is rarely accepted in European POS terminals. Mr. Pennies had a heck of time lugging around a suitcase full of coins but managed an ingenious solution to exchanging currencies despite this causing a two-day delay on his time. Or the Bitcoin racer who never got out of his own backyard.

Regardless of their method and finishing time, the racers brought with them a wealth of experience and insights to the pros and cons for each method. They shared their journeys with Money 20/20 audiences near the end of Day 1. Watch the full presentation in YouTube 360 and catch all the highlights of our contactless racer