26 MAI 2016

PCI DSS Certification renewal

Madrid, Spain - 24 May 2016 – TAS Group’s cashless 3.0™ suite adds new SaaS services to   TAS Iberia’s Pay Per Use (PPU) offering. The PPU infrastructure has been running since 2004 and PCI DSS certified since 2014 for Acquiring and Transaction routing through their premier card payments solution.

Successful certification renewal and continuously adding new services from the cashless 3.0™ offering, such as Retail Payment Processing, DCC and Tokenization services to meet the e-payments evolution, has resulted in year over year onboarding of new customers in the card present (CP) and card not present (CNP) modality for TAS Group.

PCI-DSS is the global security standard set by the PCI Security Standards Council for organizations that manage debit, credit and prepaid cards, with strong impact on all processes related to the payment cards life cycle, for which proper and constant evidence of awareness and accomplishment must be provided.