30 JUIN 2017

On the go all around Europe

Kicking off May, EasyBranch – service ready solutions for all types of ATM terminals as well as a multivendor client software completely independent from ATM hardware – exhibited at Self-Service Banking in London (23-24 May). EasySelf demos drew crowds to the booth to see the hottest mini-ATM solutions for retail and branch transformation. Danilo Rivalta, EVP of EasyBranch, chaired the Day-1 session “Exploiting the power of ATM Software” bringing insight to how new technology is making “glocal” banking a reality.

EBAday (20-21) took the TAS Network Gateway and TAS Aquarius teams to Emerald Isle for a few days of Irish hospitality in Dublin. In addition to our TAS team talking with attendees about the latest impacts of PSD2, opportunities through Open Banking APIs and the real-time realities of Instant Payments, Head of Capital Markets & Treasury Mario Mendia joined other industry experts in the panel discussion on Intraday Liquidity Management.

Barely recovered from the week before, member of our team headed off to Copenhagen as sponsors of Money 20/20 Europe, where TAS cashless 3.0 solutions was our experts’ focus at the largest payments event in Europe. Senior VP of Product Development Peter Caiazzi expanded on his editorial interview appearing in the Summer 2017 issue of Fintech Finance Magazine with an in-depth video interview with Ali Paterson, aka the Payments Race contactless racer. The video is soon to be released; check back in the TAS Group Media Room for updates.