08 AVRIL 2013

MyBank: TAS and Raiffeisen Alto Adige inaugurate the circuit

Raiffeisen Alto Adige, in partnership with TAS, had the honour of inaugurating the MyBank circuit; going live and sending the first transaction on 25 March. Using TAS software, a current account holder of Raiffeisen executed the first MyBank operation, directly debiting his account from the bank’s internet home banking site and using the integrated, real-time shopping process in accordance with EBA Clearing protocols.

The MyBank scheme has already been adopted by 28 banks, this will shortly be increased with the addition of many other institutions from diverse countries. The current SEPA Credit Transfer facility will be extended to direct debit electronic mandates, allowing payment by installments and/or recurring payments. Further evolutions are on the horizon, in particular for developments related to Mobile platforms and the P2P environment, areas in which TAS is already active, with a primary goal: to offer more and more effective tools in the phase of payment initiation, such as QRCode via mobile, transforming the act of payment in a customer loyalty opportunity.

Having certified its MyBank solution through EBA Clearing, TAS now provides its offering as for in-house use or as an outsourced service. TAS continues to invest, strengthening its banking clientele against competitors such as Paypal, who according a recent report by Netcomm, has now risen to first place among payment instruments used for online shopping, with 36.6% of preferences.

But it is not just the e-commerce world that is looking carefully at this news: MyBank can also improve efficiency in the public sector as well as in service provider companies, e.g. utilities. TAS is already active in this area and is able to provide public and private players with solid experience in the management of advanced B2B, B2G and C2G processes.

By integrating MyBank with its PayTas eCollection and eBilling solution - a collaborative online platform for the management and aggregation of electronic payments - TAS can provide the new MyBank solution to all stakeholders (banking and non-banking), via numerous channels, including web and mobile.