MyBank goes Mobile: TAS presents a demo at SIBOS

Following MyBank rollout in March 2013, that saw the "baptism" of the first transaction on the new pan-European scheme processed through their own solution, TAS continues to work together with EBA CLEARING, previewing a demo that illustrates how MyBank can be integrated within a mobile application. The demo will be presented during the event SIBOS in Dubai.
A few simple steps to show a small revolution in our habits of payment: the user logs into the app, chooses to make purchases online or in store (via QR code) and select MyBank between the payment methods supported. The app then redirects the user to the selected bank home banking for the authentication process and the completion of the transaction. All in a few seconds and in maximum safety.
This is made possible through TIME PagoQR, the innovative TAS mobile platform that focuses on the user to provide him with a unique payment experience, easier and more secure.



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