04 MAI 2017

Maurizio Pimpinella new member of the Board of TAS SpA

We welcome Professor Maurizio Pimpinella who has entered the Board of TAS as of April 26 last month.  

Pimpinella is President since 2010 of the Italian Association of Payment Institutions and E-Money Operators (A.I.I.P.), of which TAS Group is a Supporting Member. He holds several other important positions within organizations and associations of development & research in the Payments sector.

He is a subject expert consulting various institutional and academic tables, as well as several banks, and a Professor under contract to the Department of Economics and Business Organization, Università degli studi Internazionali di Roma UNINT on the "Electronic money" course.

Thanks to the skilful and tenacious leadership of AIIP he directed many PSD-driven changes in the Italian payments ecosystem. Professor Pimpinella therefore represents for the governance of TAS an excellent enrichment in terms of competences and vision, especially in the actual period of unprecedented changes that the financial industry is facing, with the transposition of the PSD2 at EU level and the concurrent acceleration of the Digital Agenda in the Public Administration roadmap.