13 JUIN 2013

Italian Public sector goes digital: e-invoicing becomes mandatory

E-invoicing in Italy becomes mandatory: over the next 24 months, all invoices issued towards central and local public bodies will have to be managed in an electronic format.

This obligation is introduced by the decree published in the Italian Official Gazette on May 22nd 2013, which aligns finally Italy with the European Union indications ("i2010"), aimed to facilitate, from the legal, technological and operational point of view, the complete digitization of the procurement cycle.

A significant breakthrough expected since 2008, which will lead to the elimination of about 45 billion paper documents and will make it more transparent, efficient  and traceable the relations between individuals and public entities, while encouraging companies to computerize their business processes, with general benefits in terms of productivity and competitiveness of the entire economic system.

This "digital revolution", which starts from invoices and payments to redefine in a new, synergistic and cooperative way the relations between companies, public administration and citizens, is at the heart of the TAS   strategy, which aims to facilitate cost reduction, process optimization and evolution of services.

These guidelines inspire FeelTas, the collaborative platform that combines electronic invoicing and document management, integrated financial services, transparent use of standards and networks. Combining FeelTas to the solution of e-billing and e-payments PayTas, customers can benefit from an integrated platform of Financial Value Chain that optimizes the entire invoice2cash cycle, opening up innovative payment channels and providing tools for monitoring and tracking.