21 JUIN 2017

Meet the Contactless Racer

The Payments Race to Money 20/20 saw quite a shake up with the loss of Chris Lloyd, sportscaster and contactless racer. Rumors abound amongst payments fans as to why he dropped out. Some speculation exists that Chris suffered an injury in training, making hard contact between his prepaid wearable NFC tech and an mPOS terminal. Others claim he was called away on official sports announcer business. Whatever the case may be, the scramble began to find a proverbial pinch hitter, or more accurately, a new contestant to pick up the baton and race to a contactless payments win in Copenhagen.


Ali Paterson, host and producer of Fintech Finance, stepped up and answered the call for a shot at payments glory! Ali took a break from his intense preparations for the race to talk with us.


Ali PatersonTAS Group: What inspired you to step forward into the contactless racer role?

Ali Paterson: A happy accident! I was the guy orchestrating this exciting challenge and regret not putting myself forward, but when the original racer dropped out, I jumped straight in!


TAS Group: If given a choice, would you have picked the contactless payment form? If yes, why? What do you like about contactless payments?

Ali Paterson: I like a challenge, so I would have chosen Gold! But I love contactless payments, so easy to use. So quick and easy... when I shop at the supermarket I even get my one-year to pay using contactless.  


TAS Group: Tell us about your training routine for the Payments Race.

Ali Paterson: Too many trips to Starbucks


TAS Group: Have you mapped out your route from Trafalgar Square in London to the Money 20/20 mainstage at the Bella Center in Copenhagen? Do you have a strategy to get their first?

Ali Paterson: Loosely! My strategy is to remain flexible, but for me one of the biggest decisions is whether to ferry from South Sea/Amsterdam, or the Dover/Calais route.


TAS Group: Have you had a chance to size up the competition? Do you see any of the other payments types creating a challenge to your contactless win?

Ali Paterson: Yes. Me and Kevin are very competitive – we have been for years. But my biggest threat is Jordan (who is also my brother in law!) so I need to trip him up! :)


Kevin Leslie, actor, is racing on behalf of JCB with only their provided card.

Jordan Dusty Drew, filmmaker and photographer, is racing on behalf of Saxo Payments using chip card with pin.


TAS Group: We understand that any sponsor funds remaining in your coffers after the race will be donated to charity.  Which charity have you selected?

Ali Paterson: Helping Hands Cambodia - very small charity, but set up so that licenses from the founder's photographs pays for the admin costs, so the rest go straight to direct costs.  

Helping Hands Cambodia is a grass roots aid organization giving people a 'hand up' not a 'hand out'. Working on the core principles of providing opportunities and support through educational and training programs, they empower Cambodians living in poverty to help themselves and improve their local communities. 


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The Payments Race is hosted by Fintech Finance in collaboration with Money 20/20 Europe and sponsorship by TAS Group.