28 NOVEMBRE 2013

IBM technology excellence opens up new opportunities for TAS solutions

Enhancing a deep-rooted, successful partnership, TAS brings the best out of IBM innovation in its applications, to provide customers with the benefits of a technology more and more versatile and smart, capable to ensure scalability, security and competitive TCO supporting business processes.

As part of its cash management solutions, TAS has successfully completed the certification of its module Network Gateway for SCORE on PureApplication platform, which can offer excellent performance and simplify control and maintenance of applications with large volumes of transactions and in compliance with defied service level agreements

The same need of flexibility and tuning facility has guided TAS choice to make available its post-trading applications on IBM zLinux platform, that  most of banks have natively available on their systems and allows you to save the winning features of the major environment of the Italian banking sector, while allowing the coexistence on the same machine of legacy applications still tied to the CICS / Cobol world with those based on open, non-proprietary technology, such as the Linux one.

This proves TAS commitment in creating a solid  technological cooperation with  IBM, confirming the aim of an Independent SW Vendor like TAS towards a constant evolution of Its applications, collecting the  best that the IT market can offer, to find synergies that generate value for its customers.