23 MAI 2014

Holograpgic Telepresence: towards the bank branch of the future

Telepresence? With holographic technology it becomes reality. A new system has just been showcased in Italy that allows interaction between physically distant individuals, in a realistic and natural way.

The collaborative project, between the Italian Research Council (CNR) and IT company Quintetto, opens interesting possibilities of application in areas where real and direct interaction between users is important. One of these scenarios is certainly the banking world, where Telepresence could revolutionise events, changing the way we deliver services from the traditional, physical branch to a new, virtual one.

This is the focus of TAS interest, as expressed by Roberto Carlucci, Head of Business Development of TAS, invited as a special guest at the presentation of project results held in Pont Saint Martin on 22 May.

TAS and Quintetto collaborate with the aim of exploiting the potential of this technology for innovating banking services and products. Telepresence can become a tool to improve the territorial coverage of banks, providing essential services to citizens in an economic, organizational model. For the first time, this system brings a very realistic, 3D interaction to the market, at an affordable cost, simply using an ordinary internet connection.

An interesting use case is unattended instant issuing: the immediate and safe issue of payment cards at a virtual kiosk or ATM. The user has the perception of being seated in front of a real operator who guides him through the process simply and quickly, from product selection to contract signing, and on to the physical printing of the card.  Integrating Telepresence with the innovative Instant Issuing system offered by TAS, can result in a totally automated, extremely easy and efficient process for the bank and the end customer.

This is just one example of how technological innovation can radically transform the user experience, shaping services based on evolving needs and expectations - a principle that is inspiring TAS in designing the future of banking applications.