13 JUIN 2013

Focus on data protection: TAS SECURE-PCI

A multi-purpose tool that secures data, reduces their vulnerability and the likelihood of loss or theft: this is SECURE-PCI, the solution that enables the protection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data - such as social security numbers, driver's license numbers, passwords, and even e-mail addresses - as well as the management of the PAN (Primary Account Number) of any card types.

It delivers data protection services in “multi-company”, "multi-Issuer" or “multi-Acquirer” modes, providing Companies, Issuers and Acquirers with numerous simultaneous services.

Data protection is based on encryption and generation of a specific surrogate value, which replaces the specific data item. Consequently, all customer processes in which data protection is required will no longer contain clear values, neither will it be possible to determine the original value without the special procedures for managing encryption keys and encrypted data.

The solution is available for departmental and mainframe platforms, and it can be used not only by  Financial operators, but also by Payment Gateways suppliers, e-commerce Merchants, Corporates and Public Institutions.

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