18 MARS 2014

Draft Annual Report 2013: REVENUES and EBITDA remarkably growing

The data presented in the Draft Annual Report 2013 highlights the positive results achieved by TAS following a major reorganization. In 2014 will further enhance its presence on the international stage, growing and expanding globally and launching new innovative solutions to meet the requirements of a new generation of digital payments.

braviValentino Bravi, CEO of TAS Group, commented on the presentation of the Draft Annual Report: "The positive results established in 2013 rewarded the hard work that our entire team has accomplished, helping to overcome the challenges of the adverse global economic situation over the last three years. 2014 will represent another milestone for our Group’s track record in the Payments Market through the launch of our new Cashless 3.0, platform, and in the Finance Market through the creation of our access platform for Target 2 Securities, on which TAS has been working for more than one year, supporting the main Euro system institutions. The huge investments put in place in recent years, to strengthen our core competence in the institutional arena, and to transform our product portfolio, targeting new European and Global Payment Service Providers, have been recognized by the market. This enables TAS to compete and attract professional excellence and create strategic alliances on an international level”.

vanettiRenzo Vanetti, Chairman of TAS also stresses how "Passion and motivation of human resources, in addition to growth of expertise essential for the recovery of our business, are the ingredients that have enabled TAS to undertake this promising trend. The 2013 results, with significant positive growth in both revenue and EBITDA, are indicators that encourage us on the path we have taken. Thanks to the new products and services available from 2014 and to our continuing international expansion, TAS is definitely back to being a major player in the world of services to banks, businesses and government."


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