24 JUIN 2017

Contactless Wins 2nd Place in the Payments Race!

TAS Group is super proud of Ali’s 2nd place finish as our contactless racer. Despite major setbacks on day 1 of the Payments Race to Money 20/20, he rallied early on day 2 to be at the Bella Center in Copenhagen shortly after 10:00 this morning.

Although he got off to a great start leaving London, Ali learned his €60 transaction limit was less than he needed for the Eurostar ticket to Brussels. Attempts to double tap for 2 transactions to make up the difference were unsuccessful.

Not one to be deterred, Ali reached out to friends and TAS Group for possible solutions. We roused our contactless payments experts at 11:30 for an emergency meeting of the minds to offer Ali some cashless solutions.

The ever-clever Ali quickly switched to Plan B and headed for Heathrow Airport with his remaining daily allowance of only €30.  Thankfully, it was after midnight and with a new day, hope was renewed – with a daily spending limit reset!

A red-eye flight put him in Copenhagen early this morning where he made his way through the city to the Bella Center. Ali Paterson, contactless racer triumphant, beat out chip & PIN, swipe and sign, prepaid, bitcoin, mobile and pennies!!


 See video of Ali’s day 1 highs and lows 


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