CARD 3.0 exceeds all performance expectations on IBM z/OS platform

TAS Group’s CARD 3.0 solution - the Issuing component of cashless3.0 ™ platform – has been benchmarked on IBM mainframe environment with the goal of proving functionality and performances of the application on state-of-the-art stack of middleware under IBM z/OS.

The project has been conducted between June and August on IBM’s Montpellier Client Center. The French IBM Client Center is globally well known as a premier competence center, where teams of architectural experts of customers and partners have access to the latest IBM technologies, in order to test and optimize their solutions for the market integrated with IBM software.

The Cashless3.0 application, entirely developed with JAVA technology, is coded upon strong standards and with portability in mind. As such, it deployed quite easily on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS and DB2 for z/OS.

The optimizations and improvement observed and advised during this benchmark exceeded expectations, both in terms of pure speed of processing (TPS) and in terms of low power consumption of system resources (CPU, zIIP).

The benchmarks results, certified by IBM, are publicly available for all customers interested in evaluating the z/OS platform as their target for the deployment of the TAS Group’s CMS.

A further step is now being planned to optimise the communication between java and COBOL/CICS/batch applications in both directions by using WOLA (WebSphere Optimized Local Adapters).