19 JANVIER 2016

Cashless 3.0™ integrates UPI card scheme

TAS Group and NXSystem will work together to certify the TAS cashless 3.0 solution for the UPI card network. The collaboration focuses on TAS Group evolving the CMS with a new international card scheme to support NXSystem initiative to operate as an Issuer of UPI cards in US and globally.

UPI (UnionPay International) is China’s largest bankcard brand with a global card network that continues to expand as more and more Chinese citizens are travelling to destinations abroad for vacation and business. The international acceptance of cards issued on the UPI network has been rapid and exponential, as banks in Australia, North America, and Africa have consecutively signed acceptance agreements at an almost monthly pace. With the heightened exposure received in Europe during EXPO 2015, held in Milan, Italy, to over 20 million international visitors plus the extended travel to other nearby European attractions, it is no wonder the UPI card scheme necessitates growth across European countries as well.

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