08 MAI 2017

Business Intelligence for Ti Frutta, Ubiq’s innovative app

Ubiq (SIA Group) has chosen TAS Group to implement their Data Mining and Business Intelligence platform, which aims to optimize marketing strategies, customer care and business development of Ti Frutta, a revolutionary solution enabling consumers to earn while shopping.

Ti Frutta brings primary Consumer Goods Brands together in one unique mobile app: as of today over 40 among Italian as well as International Brands selling in hypermarkets and supermarkets of major Italian provinces. Every product exposed in the app pages generates a cash back, i.e. a reward in cash that the consumer can collect once he purchases the product.

Ti Frutta has been the first in Italy to enter the digital coupon business sector, a market that reaches 70 m € annual revenues, with a response rate nearly three times bigger than paper based coupons.

Ubiq has chosen to partner with TAS Group in extracting value from the huge data capital of Ti Frutta mainly based on the 20+ years’ experience of TAS Group in the business processes covered by the project and on the track history of successful Partnership with Oracle as well as the relevant customer portfolio TAS owns in the Value Added Services market segment.

The implementation relied on Oracle Big Data Appliance technology and Oracle BI, both representing a sound reference infrastructure in the field of Big Data and Analytics, on which TAS Group boasts consolidated skills.  

The Data Mining & Business Intelligence system being delivered allows Ubiq first to strengthen and better orientate market development efforts, both for retaining current customers and for identifying new prospects. At the same time, the analytic and predictive tools developed by the project are an essential asset available also to the customer companies of Ti Frutta, as a value added services proposition empowering their brands marketing strategies.