28 FéVRIER 2017

EMVCo Certification

30 January 2017TAS Group renewed their EMVCo certification for the EasyClient kernel, part of the EasyBranch suite operating on the ATM devices.

The kernel is the software component that manages data exchange between the secure pin pad device and the card inserted by the customer. It handles PIN validation, the cryptographic protocol and other security credentials involved in the process.

Renewal of EMVCo certification triennially is mandatory in order to operate an ATM connected with the Visa and MasterCard international card networks. Certification is also required for the ATM homologation by the Italian debit scheme governed by Consorzio Bancomat, which expressly states every client software running on ATM devices must include an EMV certified kernel.

The certification obtained by our EasyClient multi-vendor software  is the most up-to-date level of specification 4.3.1 issued by EMVCo and is valid for all card readers and secure pin pads managed by EasyClient on Windows XP™ and Windows 7™.